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Turnkey Packaging Service

BPI orders your packaging for a push-button experience, and you pay only for completed units of product.  Give your cash flow a break!

Benefits of Our Turnkey Solution

  • Cheaper – We check our suppliers for lowest prices on packaging, and you’ll benefit from BPI’s volume discounts.
  • Reliable – We’re networked with packaging suppliers who have a history of reliability, and we’ll acquire samples of your packaging for testing and verification.
  • Convenient – We’ll do all the logistics on inventory and ordering for your next P.O. We’ll even warehouse all the leftover packaging.
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hair and skin care product filling

Multiple Labeling Options

Multiple labeling machines provide for consistent label application, even for rectangular bottles and automated front-back labeling. BPI’s tamping labeler can apply labels on tins or caps.

Other Packaging Services

Non-Turnkey Packaging Service

Purchase and ship your packaging to us for a cost-friendly packaging service. Once we receive samples of all your packaging materials, tested them, and approved your BOM, you’ll be ready to submit your first order.

Bulk Ordering Service

We fill your personal care product in large, non-returnable containers such as 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon barrels, and 330-gallon totes.

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Personal Care Product Contract Warehousing

Warehouse Your Packaging

We have warehousing and storage options for your packaging. Talk to us about the options available for fast-ordering with our suppliers and packaging we’ll keep for future orders.