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Product Manufacturing Process

BPI has over 47,000 square feet of complete, full-service contract manufacturing space. This space allows for dedicated clean rooms with positive pressure environment for our processing and filling departments. We also have a dedicated warehouse to store ingredients and another to store customer packaging.

Wet Product Manufacturing

​Our 5 processors range from 165 gallons to 3,300 gallons. They enable custom batch sizes and rapid scaling in production levels.

Our processing capabilities give you top-quality products.

  • Shearing technology refines emulsions for better stability and a high gloss.
  • In-tank homogenizing ensures thorough shear mixing.
  • Electric variable-speed, positive displacement, food-grade sanitary pumps are used to transfer and fill product.

Quality Control

3rd Party Microbiology testing is included with every batch. Our standards exceed FDA requirements.

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Private Label Skin Care Labs

What’s The Minimum I Can Order?

At BPI Labs, the MOQ is 110 gallons for wet product and 1000 lbs. for dry product.

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Dry Product Manufacturing

An Incredible Array of Salts and Powder Products to Add to Your Brand

Foot powders, dead sea salts, spa salts, effervescent products, bubble baths, and body powders are all possible on BPI Labs’ powder and salts mixing machines.

The Technology

BPI Labs batches up to 8,000 lbs. of salt or powder product in our large ribbon blenders. We also use a V-blender to mix effervescent blends and delicate powder compositions that call for natural ingredients or magnesium sulfate (large crystals) that need friction-less blending to maintain their properties

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Lead Times

Lead time at BPI Labs is 6 – 8 weeks from the time we receive all of the packaging for a job.  Commonly, BPI Labs can complete turnkey packaging jobs faster since BPI Labs will have arranged logistics with packaging suppliers.

How manufacturing goes at BPI Labs

Receive Order

We’ll schedule your job for production after we get your order.

Wait for Packaging

We’ll wait for packaging to arrive before we compound your product so it gets filled and packed quickly and stays fresh.

Produce Bulk for Filling

We’ll mix your ingredients together, heat, cool, mix, shear, mix, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Check for Quality Management

After our laboratory confirms your product was made according to formulation guidelines, we’ll have a 3rd party confirm your product was successfully preserved from microbiological contamination.

BPI Personal Care Manufacturing Process
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