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Designing your product concept begins with a formula

Formulating a personal care product unique to you is our goal. Since 1995, we have created thousands of successful formulas with care and dedication. Whether you have an existing formula or have a product idea stirring in your head, discover how we can create a market-ready product you will be proud to put your label on.

What if you need a formula?

Formula Development Service

Our custom formulas are designed to meet your marketing objectives. We regularly do novel formula development based on proven technology. We’ll determine which active ingredients, delivery system, and manufacturing process will arrive at your product concept.

Formula Replication Service

We can replicate products and formulas to ease the transition into a new manufacturer or enter new markets. Color, viscosity, rheology, pH, and specific gravity are among the product specifications for which we match.

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BPI custom skin care formula manufacturing

Organic, Natural, and OTC Formulas

BPI Labs can have your product USDA NOP or NSF/ANSI 305 certified organic. We’ll also work with you to have your product include ingredients you consider natural, and our laboratory can have your product registered with the FDA as a medical device.

What if you need a formula changed?

Formula Troubleshooting Service

We have fixed every kind of product failure and we will fix problems you are having with your formula. BPI regularly troubleshoots products that gradually separate into layers, have uncharacteristic dissipation of odor or fragrance, incur gradual reduction of viscosity, and any other issues.

Formula Enhancement Service

Want your formula to be organic or use more natural ingredients? Our laboratory has reviewed thousands of formulas and ingredients from all over the industry. We are happy to offer product enhancements we have seen successfully used.

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BPI Labs
“You guys do a great job, and I enjoy working with BPI. You’re easy to deal with, and you do what you say you’ll do. You come through. You deliver what you promise, and that means a lot to me.


I’ve worked with BPI since 2012, and we like the formulations you guys make. I like working with people I can trust, and we have a sense of trust with you guys. When you say you’ll do something, then you’ll do it.”

A conversation with a customer who did over 150,000 pieces with us in 2015


Processing Instructions Review

BPI reviews your formula’s fit with large scale production so no costly mistakes are made in production.

Stability Testing

You can have confidence that the product will outlast its expiration date.

Compliance Review

BPI will review label claims, ingredient listings, and content amount declarations for federal compliance.

Package Testing

BPI will test for leakage, gradual degradation, contamination, evaporation, & package calibration ensuring a product-to-package fit.

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