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Product Filling Process

Wet or dry, hot or cold, small or large, bags or bottles, we’re going to get your product anywhere on the shelf you want it to be. Your business will benefit from BPI’s legacy of over-engineered machinery. We absolutely wanted to produce with consistency, speed, quality, and versatility so that our customers were rarely told, “Sorry, we can’t do that.”

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Gusseted and Standing Pouches For Salts & Powders

This service fills larger gusseted bags and stand-up bags at 45 pieces per minute (ppm) with salts or powders. Additional machine components will even drop scoops into the bags as they’re being filled. This service can fill product varying from fine powders to coarse salts, giving our salts and powder customers more options than ever before.

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White Label Sachet Bags

Tube Filling

Convenient, Inexpensive, Simple

Filling your product into tubes is the finest way to give your profit margin maximum breathing room. Since tubes come pre-labeled from the supplier and machine setup is limited to a single machine that completely automates the filling process, machine setup fees and direct labor stays very low.

You should consider filling your lotions, sunscreens, or gels into easily the cheapest and most user-friendly packaging available. BPI uses a fully automated, state-of-the-art Norden tube filling equipment with a combined speed of 65 pieces per minute to fill, seal, and code every tube.

Private Label Personal, Skin and Hair Care

Introduce your product easily into new markets using our sachet service!

It’s a simple matter to produce a little extra product and fill sachet packets, which you can then send to your customers or give away at trade shows.

Sachet Machine

These packet sizes can put you into travel-size markets, industries that appreciate single-use packaging like medical, or markets where ease-of-use is highly valued.  This service is also ideal for market testing, product cross-promotion, or giving your customers a reason to try all your products and get them hooked.

Our new (never previously owned) state-of-the-art sachet machine is presently sacheting 2 oz. dry packets or 4 ml. and 5 ml. liquid packet options that will proudly display your label artwork. Other size options are available.

BPI Labs cosmetic packet filling

Jar and Bottle Filling

Jar and bottle filling is a staple service at BPI Labs.  Automated capping, coding, bottle loading, and other gizmos let us fill and package your jars and bottles in consistently quick fashion.  Our Oden Digital filler uses up to 6 filling nozzles to produce your product at 60 ppm.

Salt and powder product is filled on a fully automatic and dedicated salt/powders line including multiple head auger fillers, with automatic capping, induction sealing, coding, and labeling at speeds of 18-24 p.p.m. Our versatility provides BPI Labs’ customers the ability to enter the market with a wide range of powder and salt products.

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Private Label Salt Products

Salts, Powder’s and Scrubs

Over 8000 lbs. of granulated salt or powdered products can be blended in a single batch by our ribbon blenders with a wide range of possible fragrances, colors, and essential oils.

How Filling Goes at bpi Labs.

Wait for packaging

After we receive your order, we’ll schedule your job and wait for all of the packaging to arrive.

Make Your Bulk Product

Next we make your product in bulk and then perform a 3rd party microbiology test to verify your product is perfectly preserved

Fill into Packaging

We’ll fill and package your product, and then perform another 3rd party microbiology test to verify your product is perfectly preserved.

Invoice Then Ship

We’ll send you the bill and then ship your product.

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