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Where To Begin With BPI

What do I do first; how do I get a price; when can I order? BPI’s process guide is here to help you answer these questions. In a nutshell, BPI is going to formulate a new product for you, validate your sourced packaging, and then get you pricing. Download the four page PDF to see this in a fun flowchart!

Page 1: Product Concept

Learn about how you can have your custom product concept developed, tested, and approved with ballpark pricing.

Page 2: Prepare Job

See how we have your packaging validated, your BoM completed, machinery calibrated, and final, tiered pricing completed.

download infographic
bpi order process

Pricing is Done in Two Stages.

First, we find a formula of which you approve, then we offer you ballpark pricing. After we’ve reviewed packaging and filling requirements, BPI will offer you your final manufacturing pricing letter.

Page 3: Begin Job

See how we validate your order, schedule and prepare for production.

Page 4: Manufacture Product

See how production goes, billing occurs, and how product is shipped.

download infographic
bpi filling process

What’s The Minimum I Can Order?

At BPI Labs, the MOQ is 110 gallons for wet product and 1000 lbs. for dry product.

calculate my moq

Curious About The Details?

Download a copy of our process infographic to see all the steps of your product development.

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Let’s calculate your MoQ...

Is your product Dry or Wet?

What amount goes into each container?

How many filled units do you want to order?