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A Guide to Private Cosmetic Label

  • February 28, 2022
A Guide to Private Cosmetic Label

Getting projects done faster often means beginning multiple tasks, allowing them to proceed according to their own pace, and then dutifully managing the one task that is taking longer than the others. Our guide helps you know what some of these tasks are so that you can begin working with certain goals in mind.

Download the process guide here!

You will read the following in this article:

  • Why we developed the guide
  • How to use the guide
  • Where to get the guide


The Guide Brings Product to Market Faster

BPI Labs offers a fun process guide to its customers to streamline workflow with a private label manufacturer. It begins with product development and takes the reader through production.

For example, you’ll learn from the guide that BPI Labs must approve all your packaging with special attention to your label. Having label proofs sent to BPI Labs immediately after you approve a formulation helps us confirm your labeling does not violate any FDA regulations. Learning that your label must change after they’ve been ordered and sent to BPI Labs would be disastrous!

Using the Guide

The guide was split into four sections, with the first three being highly relevant to product development and your first order.

Download the process guide here!

Section 1: Formulation Development

This section shows you how we do product development. Reading this section will settle a few burning questions, like how you will get a product you like at a price you like.

Section 1.5: Packaging Approval

We titled this section 1.5 because it can be done concurrently with section 1, and it should be finished before section 1 is complete. Validating your packaging is a crucial step to having your final pricing completed and sent to you.

Section 2: Your First Order

There are a few surprising details you will read about such as our lead times for non-turnkey orders and what our prepayment terms are. Reading this section will enable you to put your first order into BPI Labs without any issues.

Section 3: Some Manufacturing Info

Unless you’re already familiar with how a private label manufacturer makes your product, you might be wondering what we’re all up to. This section provides you with a nice, high-level overview that you can use to gauge the progress of your order.


Developing and manufacturing product can get a little confusing. So, we distilled it to these fundamentals so that our customers can feel like veterans before they begin.  Let us know if you have any questions regarding its contents at our contact page.

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