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Getting You Hand Sanitizer Capacity

  • July 2, 2020
Getting You Hand Sanitizer Capacity

No less than 20,000 gallons a day in productive capacity is anticipated to come online beginning mid-August 2020.

Several new approaches to processing hand sanitizer in high volume are being engineered by BPI Labs. These approaches will bring the cost of sanitizer production down while significantly increasing the volume of sanitizer production available to our customers.


High capacity bulk sanitizer production is requiring us to improve many areas of our infrastructure.  For example, we are building a tank farm to house and receive raw materials from tankers, and our first tank arrived this week.  After sanitizer is completed in bulk, piping will transport the hand sanitizer directly to our filling machinery.  New high-speed machinery has already been purchased and more is being sourced, but the manufacturers we’ve been corresponding with tell us new machinery may not be available for up to a year.  Our efforts in this area are ongoing, and we were early to purchase some machines before the market supply was exhausted.




For tube production, we purchased a new and custom engineered Norden tube machine designed specifically to fill hand sanitizer without risk of fire or damage.  Formulations for hand sanitizer contain upwards of 80% ethanol, and this can make for an explosive situation when using a heating element to seal a tube.  Our understanding is that no other manufacturer has had any safety measures added to their tube machine designs until now.  This is an interesting anecdote since Norden, which is in Sweden, is the largest manufacturer of tubing machines worldwide and produces what the industry regards as the most reliable and best performing machines.  The machine was completed this week and will ship next week; this is just in time too, since we were told the entire country of Sweden will be on vacation for the month of July.


For bottling production, BPI Labs already has capacity to produce hundreds of thousands of bottled hand sanitizer if a source for bottles can be found. (See our blog on why tubes might be a better packaging solution than bottles.) New, high-speed, rotary bottling machinery has been purchased that will push our bottling capacity into millions of bottled units monthly.  Additional explosion proofing is being installed, and the machinery should come online in the next few months.


Finally, BPI Labs already has a state-of-the-art packet/sachet filling machine capable of filling one-time use hand sanitizer packets, which may be perfect for travel and medical industries or for sampling in new markets.  This machine is capable of filling 84,000 packets a day in duplex mode.  You should consider tacking on packets to an order of hand sanitizer bottled or tubed since you will be able to meet MOQ’s more easily and use these packets to introduce your products into new markets.  You can see some of our packet options here.

BPI Labs cosmetic packet filling

What do you want?

Please share with us your needs and preferences for hand sanitizer production.  BPI Labs has the capital available for new investment, but we need your help in understanding where this capital should be spent in order to satisfy your needs.  Setup a meeting with us to discuss your hand sanitizer needs if you haven’t already.

Don’t miss out, setup a meeting today!

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