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Filling You Personal Care Salts, Scrubs, and Powders

  • September 19, 2018
Filling You Personal Care Salts, Scrubs, and Powders


Bath Salt, Scrubs, and Powder Manufacturing at BPI Labs

BPI Labs offer bulk production and filling services for all personal care related salts, scrubs, and powders. Our ribbon and v-blend machines offer our customers a diverse array of product options they can add to their lines of product.



Ribbon Blenders

Ribbon blending guarantees a thorough mixture and consistent quality.  Our ribbon blenders are capable of mixing 8,000 lbs or as little as 1000 lbs. in a single batch.



Add These Products to Your Line

Some of the products we make include: bath salts, soaks, baby powders, dry shampoo, foot powders, effervescents, coffee scrubs, salt scrubs, and sugar scrubs.

We even color your product by hand for a boutique feel.



Dedicated Filling Line

Your own dedicated filling line with automated filler and capper that averages 20 pieces per minute (PPM).

(We’re saying it’ll be fast!)



Labeling Options


Container Sizes

4 oz. Containers to 5 lb. Buckets


Container Shapes

Square and Round Containers


Label Positions

Single or Double-sided (2) Labels



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Curious About The Details?

Download a copy of our process infographic to see all the steps of your product development.