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Filling: Sample Size it with Packets!

  • September 11, 2018
Filling: Sample Size it with Packets!

What is your company doing to give your customers new ways to try your product?

Packets are perfect for niche markets and new product adoption.  Our newly designed machine can fill your product into screen printed single-use packets that your customers will find simple to use and convenient to try. Keep reading to see why you should be thinking about single-use packaging.

BPI Labs cosmetic packet filling


Perfect as Single Use Packaging
  1. Travel Markets: Position your packeted product as travel friendly for convenient transport.
  2. Medical Markets: Advertise your product as a cross-contamination-free approach for medical markets.
  3. Frustration Free: Fill packets with your recommended-use levels to make product usage a frustration-free experience for customers.

Some Designs We’ve Used

Create your own size, design, and look!


Sample Packaging with Packets
  1. Encourage Trials: Distribute your branded and packeted product to prospects at trade shows or send packets in mass mailers.
  2. Cross-promote:  Include your packets inside packaging with other products to introduce different market segments to your other products.
  3. Improve Product Adoption:  Entice customers to purchase and try multiple SKU’s to improve product adoption.



Would you sell more if more people were trying your product?  If so, let’s talk about what we can do for you in our next meeting.  It is now possible to have your product, both wet and dry, packaged in single-use packets using BPI Labs’ state-of-the-art sachet filling equipment.  BPI Labs has already found sources for packets, screen printing, and we’re taking orders for clients.  Contact BPI Labs and talk to your project manager to get the ball rolling!

See the new sachet machine demonstrate packet creation!

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