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BPI Labs Cosmetic Manufacturer

Product that compliments your brand

BPI Labs is a private-label cosmetic manufacturer offering custom formulation for your brand.  Here you’ll receive a tailored manufacturing experience that lets your company create personal care and cosmetic product in harmony with your brand’s purpose.

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Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Your Formula, Our Laboratory

We offer novel formula creation or alteration with your preferred ingredients.  Through our partnerships your products can be certified USDA or NSF/ANSI 305 organic or an FDA registered medical device.

Next-Level Manufacturing

We have 47,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with dedicated clean rooms, positive pressure environment for our processing and filling departments, and lots of scale.  See our MoQ and lead times.

Putting it all together

Flexible Packaging Options

BPI Labs can help you find great packaging suppliers from which to choose packaging.  When you’re ready, we’ll make manufacturing turnkey so that we can conveniently outlay the capital and perform the logistics.

Filled & Shipped

We’ll get your product on the right shelf with versatile filling options.  New services coming online regularly, like our gusseted bagging service (2018) or sachet filling service (2017), and standard bottle, tube, and jar filling.

Is BPI a fit for you?

Ready to talk to BPI Labs about your product concept? Schedule a meeting with us.


Developments and Innovations

at BPI Labs

Your Minimum Order for Personal Care Products

October 27, 2018 | Mike Shirley

What you'll learn about MOQ's Most private label manufacturers have a minimum order quantity, typically abbreviated to MOQ, and BPI Labs is no different. A private label manufacturer's MOQ is the smallest order size for a particular product they are willing to produce. Info in this post: Our MOQ for powders and salts Our MOQ for wet product A calculator to find out your MOQ[...]

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